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About us

"Our spark wasn't a meeting or a spreadsheet – it was love, raw and untamed, like a tiger in the moonlight..."

Forget suits and boardrooms, y’all. Our spark wasn’t a meeting or a spreadsheet – it was love, raw and untamed, like a tiger in the moonlight. Our first necklace was a gift, a token of our love for someone very special to us. We wanted to create something that would reflect their inner beauty and make them feel loved and cherished.

We poured our hearts and souls into crafting it, working day and night for months. It wasn’t just jewelry – it was a roar, a secret language for a wild soul to shine without whisperin’ a word. When we saw how it lit them up, we knew the world needed more of this wild magic.

That’s Jungle & Co, baby! We’re wranglin’ silver in its purest form, rough and real, just like you. Each piece is a canvas for your story, carved in fierce curves and bold lines. Forget mass-produced meows – we’re about the one-of-a-kind howl, the piece that makes you stand out like a lioness in the sun and leave a trail of stardust in your wake.

Two fresh collections every two months, bursting with new ways to say “this is me.” So go ahead, explore, find your roar. Even a wink of appreciation makes our hearts beat like jungle drums.

it’s like you’re weaving right into the Jungle & Co pack.


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